Fitzroy Social presents David Bromley

Retail Savvy Group founders, Anna Carosa-Koziora and Stewart Koziora, formed a creative collaboration with renowned Australian artist David Bromley. David Bromley, who was born in the United Kingdom but migrated to Australia in the 1960s, has forged a successful career as one of Australia’s leading living artists.

Moving into Fitzroy was an exciting prospect for the Retail Savvy Group, and honouring the suburb’s bohemian past and current position as an artistic hub for young creatives was of great importance. Artwork was always going to be a key feature of the venue and an important component towards the overall experience of the customer.

David Bromley was approached to create one a kind artworks and murals for the venue. The interior fit perfectly complements these pieces so that the end result is a venue where the artwork, furniture and fittings work in symbiotic harmony with each other, giving the feeling that no feature is overpowering the others.

A visit to Fitzroy Social is not complete without paying close attention to Bromley’s beautiful artwork adorning the walls.